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Software Development

We design, develop, and host a range of software including scientific and educational tools, web applications, databases, and web sites. We can work with you to develop new projects, help you use high performance computing techniques and resources, or port your existing project to the web.


We currently provide hosting and application support services on two science gateways (powered by HUBzero) with access to high-performance computing systems at Purdue and on XSEDE:

MyGeoHub.org - supports sharing of computational and data analysis tools ,and training/outreach material, especially those that need geospatial data processing and visualization capabilities.

DiaGrid.org - support computational-intensive scientific applications with connectivity to high-performance, high-throughput and other distributed computing resources. 

Grants & Collaboration

We've partnered with faculty on more than 100 proposals resulting in $100M+ in awards. Our expertise and resources can help you create innovative solutions for broader impact and outreach of your research, including prototyping before proposal submission, developing and hosting software and services, and dissemination of project outcome. 


Our staff are experts in computing, scientific data, data management, science gateways, and software projects in general. We can help research groups access distributed computational resources, including the Purdue's research clusters, Condor system, and national supercomputers. These let you tap into large pools of computational power. We also support course content and classroom instruction in this area. On data management, we'll help you publish data and metadata, build web interfaces and web services for data discovery and processing, and integrate data access into tools and simulations.

National Cyberinfrastructure Partner

As a partner in the NSF XSEDE project, our group is familiar with XSEDE portfolio of high performance and data-intensive computing resources, the newer cloud platforms and data resources, and various technical support services. We work with Purdue researchers to prepare requests for large allocations on XSEDE resources.

Geospatial Data and Tools

Our staff has the expertise with geospatial data and tools. Our Purdue Terrestrial Observatory group specializes in providing researchers with spatial data products and services.

ITaP Research Computing maintains a number of packages for geospatial analysis including Esri ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Exelis ENVI, Trimble eCognition, and Purdue's MultiSpec. Information is available on the Geospatial Tools web site.